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Discover what awaits you at Car Detailing HTX, and how we ensure your car looks its absolute best.

Do you have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to find time to clean your car? No worries! Our team of expert detailers at Car Detailing HTX will come to your home or office, providing comprehensive interior and exterior maintenance to keep your vehicle looking its absolute best. Sit back and relax while our professionals take care of everything. With our years of experience and dedication to excellence, Car Detailing HTX has become the trusted choice for mobile car detailing in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas.

Full Interior Detail

Price Range $139 - $169

Experience the rejuvenation of your vehicle’s interior with Car Detailing HTX’s expert car detailing in Houston, TX. Our meticulous cleaning and advanced techniques restore your car’s interior to its peak. Offering unparalleled quality and meticulousness, Car Detailing HTX provides superior service that’s reasonably priced, proving we value both your vehicle and your wallet.

Full Interior Detail Includes
  • Full Interior Vacuum & Wipe Down
  • Interior Windows Polished
  • Seats Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Carpets Cleaned
  • Floor Mats Cleaned

Silver Wash and Detail

Price Range $179 - $219

Experience an elevated clean with our Silver Wash and Detail package. It encompasses all services from the Bronze package plus seat cleaning & conditioning, carpet and floor mat cleaning. It ensures an immaculate finish and a more refreshing interior, rejuvenating your vehicle to near-new condition.

Silver Detailing Includes
  • Everything in Bronze plus…
  • Seats Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Carpets Cleaned
  • Floor Mats Cleaned

Gold Wash and Detail

Price Range $229 - $269

Enhance your vehicle’s shine and protection with our Gold Wash and Detail package. This comprehensive service includes all offerings from the Silver package, plus hydrophobic ceramic spray sealant application, chrome exhaust tips polishing, and fuel cap cleaning. Achieve an impressive gleam and impeccable cleanliness, enhancing your driving experience.

Gold Detailing Includes
  • Everything in Silver plus…
  • Hydrophobic Ceramic Spray Sealant
  • Chrome Exhaust Tips Polished
  • Fuel Cap Cleaned

Platinum Wash and Detail

Price Range $450 - $550

Experience the pinnacle of vehicle care with our Platinum Detail Package. This premier service combines a deep Clay Bar treatment, Light Swirl Removal, and a Machine Buff Gloss Enhancement, delivering the ultimate finish and protection for your car.

Platinum Detailing Includes
  • Everything in Gold plus…
  • Clay Bar
  • Light Swirl Removal
  • Machine Buff Gloss Enhancement

Ceramic Coating

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 Our primary focus is to offer top-notch protection for your vehicle. Through our Ceramic Coating, we provide comprehensive and long-lasting defense against various environmental elements. Our coating goes beyond preserving; it enhances and safeguards your car’s appearance. You can expect a high-gloss finish that highlights the depth and clarity of your car’s color, giving it a brand-new, showroom appearance.

Our Ceramic Coating Provides
  • Long-lasting Protection
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Cost-effective Maintenance For Your Paint
  • Increased Resale Value

Add On Detailing Services

Pet Hair Removal

Add On - $29

Pet hair can stubbornly cling to your car’s interior. Our Pet Hair Removal service is designed to tackle this for you, ensuring a cleaner, more comfortable vehicle for everyone.

Ceramic Sealant

Add On - $79

Take advantage of our Ceramic Sealant add-on to give your vehicle superior protection. This service helps guard your car’s exterior against the elements, maintaining its gloss and shine for longer.

Swirl Removal

Starts At - $150

Swirl marks can detract from your car’s appearance. Our Swirl Removal service is aimed at eliminating these imperfections, revitalizing your car’s paintwork and restoring its original look.

Water Spot Removal

Add On - $99

Our Water Spot Removal service aims to meticulously eradicate all hard water spots, returning your vehicle’s paintwork to its pristine condition.

Windshield Rain Repellant

Add On - $29

Enhance your driving visibility during rains with our Windshield Rain Repellant service, creating a protective layer that effortlessly repels water off your windshield.